Business Feasibility Study

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Are you starting a new business venture in your local area? Are you the first one to offer the kind of product or service to your targeted customers? Before you start investing on a new business, you should first conduct a business feasibility study.

Conducting a feasibility study is a key to the success of a new business. It should used as a primer for any entrepreneurial venture as it gives entrepreneurs insight to how well they can pull things off. As aspiring entrepreneurs, you must familiarise and understand this form of research as it will become an integral part of our business lives.

In order to prepare for a particular endeavour, feasibility studies have long been applied. And despite the advancements in technology we experience, nothing still beats the genius behind being able to see the future (or at least, the first few years of it).

The business feasibility study serves as an evaluation of a business proposal. It is conducted to verify how difficult it will be to pursue a particular activity. It attempts to measure the complexity of the task in terms of financial and time expenditure as well as give a good estimate of the other resources that needed in order to implement the plans. What it basically aims at is to present a good analysis of the project in mind and its impact to society.

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